Jim Jones – “My My My” [video]

Audio isn’t that audible, but it’s still a snippet to the forthcoming tribute track from Jim Jones.

“The two hardest tracks for me to even [perform] or listen to is ‘My My My’ for Stacks and ‘Pray for Reign,’ ” he said. “My My My” is dedicated to deceased Byrd gang member Stack Bundles, who was brutally killed two years ago. The album’s title track is about the birth of Jones’ son. “Today I was able to hold my emotions down a little bit better. Yesterday I bust out crying like I’d really just seen my baby being born,” he explained. “Shout-out to Stack Bundles, I truly do miss you dearly. Shout-out to my son. These are two of the main inspirations for this album because, for a time, I didn’t want to do music after Stack Bundles was killed.”

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